Sunday, October 23, 2011

The week, in one big blur

I worked. And wrote. And worked. And wrote. It was a grueling week, one of those what am I doing with my life? periods that includes tense shoulders, bleary eyes and a scary realization that time does indeed fly. It didn’t in the least bit resemble Carol G’s week, but there were highlights to be sure:

• I had lovely dinners at two of my favorite West Village restaurants: Joseph Leonard and Buvette. All I can say is, yum.
• Pretty walks to and from work through the village; in the morning, the sun made my backside tingly and warm.
• A visit to Whole Foods (yes, this really makes me happy).
• I got to yoga and spinning.
• And Friday night was absolutely brilliant, meeting Bennie and Merrill at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO for the Karen O “psycho opera,” Stop the Virgens. Extraordinary! Inspiring! Followed by dinner at Jack the Horse Tavern, also out of this world! The smoked trout salad there is officially one of my favorite dishes ever. Ever.
• Best of all, I finished my Belgian chocolate article! I’ll turn it in tomorrow and look forward to a week that’s at least a wee bit more relaxed.

I hope you have great weeks, too!


  1. ¡París París!

  2. I SO know what those bleary-eyed weeks look like. The worst is over, you reached your goal! Now out for a cookie!!

  3. Thinking of you as you work, write, eat, write, spin... and write again. No sleep till...

    Enjoy the time inbetween, as you have been doing.

  4. Sounds like a very busy but cool week! Keep us posted on when the Belgian Chocolate article comes out!

  5. Ha, going to supermarkets always cheer me up! In the US, it was Whole Foods, in Paris it was La Grande Epicerie. I haven't quite my 'sanctuary' in London yet though.

    Hope this week was better!