Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weather check: winter in Paris

I have seen snowflakes in Paris, my friends! Yesterday the light, the air and the temperature all had that feeling like it was about snow. And right now, finally, there are big flakes floating by my windows.

I think it’s fairly rare for it to snow here and I doubt it will accumulate—it’s very wet. But it of course adds to the Christmas magic and beauty of the city.


  1. Wait, what, where? I knew I should have stayed up a little later last night. Unfortunately any snow that fell has now fallen victim to the morning sun, or what little is peeking through the clouds.

  2. It was fleeting, but it happened! After forcing myself back to sleep after Le Petit Victor's crying fit at 6 a.m., I "slept in" until 9 (tres tard pour moi). As I was making coffee, I caught flakes from my kitchen window and ran to the living room window to confirm. It was a beautiful, peaceful moment. I'm lucky that I caught it.