Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Year's in Paris

Friends of friends are always visiting Paris and wondering where to go. I’m slowly developing my favorite bars and restaurants but really have yet to get a grasp on this city’s best scene. So for New Year’s in Paris? Your guess is as good as mine. That said, here are some places that might be worth checking out.


Cha Cha
Le Baron
Le Montana
Social Club

Fancy cocktails
Experimental, Curio Parlor, Prescription
Hotel Particulier, Mama Shelter
Le Fumoir

Trendy dinners
Hotel Amour
Le Cheri Bibi

Classic dinners
Au Vieux Comptoir
Chez Julien

Casual dinners
Café Charlot
Café Ruc

Eiffel Tower magic
Watch the fireworks from
Ponts des Arts
Place de la Concorde Ferris wheel (Weeeee!)

Or just walk around, listening to all the kids throwing pop rocks and shouting “Bonne année!” and take in all the beautiful Christmas lights.

And just as important, areas to stay away from:
Moulin Rouge
Latin Quarter

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