Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Christmas magic

I love the way everyone gets into the spirit here. Shopkeepers put out small trees with balls and blinking lights. Neighborhoods make key streets sparkle with waves of lights and ornaments. And of course the monuments are lit up, bathed in red, white, green and blue. There's nothing more festive than walking around at night and watching the (free) show.

I climbed up rue des Martyrs to have dinner with Jo at La Famille (totally overrated).

Nevermind the trees and Ferris wheel that make walking the Champs-Elysees such a spectacle. There are other small delights and big buildings that dazzle.

City Hall has its own little light show going on.


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I enjoy all of your postings. Brings back many wonderful memories. Thinking of you always.

  2. Merci, Bes! Thinking of you too. xoxo