Sunday, May 10, 2015

The sweet side of life

Man, it was a tough week. I've been sick for about 10 days now. Then Parker got her first fever and cold. And our nanny was out four days, sick. Needless to say, work didn't slow down (though thankfully it wasn't a super busy week and my boss was very gracious about me working from home a couple days. I hope the rest of the country catches up on flexible work arrangements very soon). None of us were sleeping great. It was tough.

But then my mom came to town and watched Parker for us.
My husband secretly bought and served us Levain cookies. (Seriously.)
And then there is this girl. This girl.

She is just magic. She's this happy little peanut who makes my every day brighter.

Needless to say, the week ended on a high note. It's beautiful here in Brooklyn. The streets and parks are alive with people. I've been surrounded by the love of my husband, daughter and mom for days, and have received amazing notes from friends everywhere. Best of all, I got to spend my first Mother's Day with my own mom and my baby girl.
I feel like ever since I had Parker, I'm especially prone to clichés. But I'm just so grateful for this beautiful life!


  1. When your heart is so full, it is hard to come up with original ways to express it :)
    It doesn't matter, those smiles say it all.
    Parker is just the cutest little bug .. that smile would make me skip around the house lol
    Happy Mothers Day Amy ...

  2. Merci, Candice! And to you, too! xo