Friday, May 15, 2015

Mad Men

In the absence of going out to restaurants, bars, plays, parties, movies or any other nighttime social engagement these past seven months, Andrew and I have been steadily cruising through TV series. I don't think we're different from most of the country in that respect: enjoying the comfort of home, while becoming obsessed with characters and plot lines, except we can only handle one—sometimes two if it's a Friday or Saturday, woot woot!—episodes at a time. (10pm bedtime.)

A couple months ago, we picked up Mad Men from about Season 4. Nearly every night this spring, we watched an episode, and I fell so deeply in love with that show. I remember when it first premiered, everyone was agog about the art direction. Then it was the sexism. Finally, the characters and societal commentary started resonating and the show just embedded itself in the hearts of fans.
This Sunday it all comes to a close. Like Six Feet Under and Sex and the City, it's a blow. I am going to miss these people! There have been all kinds of interviews, articles and roundups these past few weeks about it, but I especially loved this Flavorwire piece on feminist moments from the show. I only wish they had included a couple male perspectives to truly show that feminism isn't just a women's issue.


  1. I have never watched it. We watched some American television shows in Buenos Aires so when we came back to the US, we watched those but not a lot more.
    Then the Bad Thing happened and partly out of comforting myself, I watch the same shows we watched before. I also see nothing appealing in the 1950s so I never watched it anyway :)
    But I do love Suits. and the men in them :)

  2. Love this show and the way Matthew Weiner's tying it all up -- enigmatic as always. All hail the 10pm bedtime! :)

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