Monday, March 2, 2015

My Vegan Mondays

They’re coming back. Soon. Really.

When Parker was born, all semblance of days and diet went out the window. For nearly five months now, I’ve been eating like a truck driver. It’s been blissful and shameful and, at the end of the day, entirely unsustainable.

But hey, other than when you’re breastfeeding, when else are you told to consume an extra 500 calories a day? But knowing that in the coming months Parker herself will move onto solids, I need to return to a more reasonable diet.

No more quarter-pound cookies.

Or double orders at the diner.

No more boxes of chocolate. Demolished in a day. Or big, doughy doughnuts…
…lots and lots of doughnuts.

With my impressive diet, Parker has been plumping out quite nicely. She’s suddenly about the heft of a six-month-old, one week shy of her fifth-month birthday. 

I think I’m going to trade in the cookies and cakes so I can nibble on her legs and belly.


  1. Aaaahhhhh, look at her ! She is laughing ! She got so big !! I think your donuts and cakes and goodies were well spent :) Look how adorable, how beautiful she is.
    I missed you and Parker, happy to see this tonight, it was much needed and appreciated :)
    give her a kiss from me ~ un beso para tu tambien ! !

  2. SO cute! - blog/bookreader Brenda

  3. Haha! That kid is my people. Love the shot of her gazing longingly over the pile of baked goods.

  4. What a darling little Doll! Must be funny to be feeding her and have that lovely appetite whereby you can 'eat for two'! What fun! might be time to revisit old ways. Best wishes, Amy. Xx

  5. Does anyone else marvel at how lucky you are to be able to enjoy so many delicious treats and still maintain a gorgeous, youthful figure? Damn, you are blessed. I think my last guilt free donut was age 12.
    Love the photos of Parker. Especially eyeing the stack of donuts. Too cute!!

  6. I've been following you for several years now Amy and it makes me so happy to see where life has taken you. The love you have for your daughter is beyond precious. I remember reading your blog post on being single! I can't wait to see where life takes you next! Warm regards to you and your family!

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