Friday, February 6, 2015

Working out and working it

So this is it. My last few days of maternity leave. In fact, I’ve already started work. There’s a new business pitch at my agency, and I’m working remotely on it… which sort of sucks, but is also a good way to ease my head back into things.

It actually works according to my (Type A) plan of gradually moving from full-time mommy’ing to more autonomous moments. For example, the past couple of months, I was spending $20 every other week to attend a breastfeeding support group. On Sunday night, I put that money toward… Zumba. Classic. I felt like a bit of a chump, paying twenty bucks for Zumba, but it was my first workout in five months—and without even realizing it, it was a super smart one to begin, what with all the gyrating hips and lady bits—and worth every penny. I also started a mommy yoga class. Unfortunately, I only found it this past week, but it’s been brilliant having Parker in all her cuteness there at the head of my yoga mat, surrounded by other moms and babies—pretty perfect.

And tonight, our new nanny (Hallelujah! It was no small feat finding a nanny who we loved enough for Parker, but we did it) will come over in the evening so Andrew and I can go out to a soirée. Funny how these little things—a workout, a Friday night date—are now big triumphs. I'll even do my hair and makeup.

In the meantime, little miss peanut continues to delight us with her smile and her sweetness. She’s such an awesome little human being. Such a gift.


  1. Oh to be Parkers nanny !
    She should pay you ! Have fun tonight .. give the sweet girl a kiss from me. If only I were within baby sitting distance.
    Congrats on the nanny and Zumba .. life is sweet, no ? :)

  2. little miss peanut! : ) such happiness - have a great date!!

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