Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seven Letters from Paris

There are love stories, and then there are Love Stories.

I think my own histoire d’amour is pretty fabulous as I can’t imagine my life having unfolded in a purer, more perfect way for me, in order to finally meet Andrew. But sometimes you hear about (or read) a love story that is true Hollywood fodder. Like Samantha Vérant’s.

In 1989, Samantha and her best friend took off for a European adventure. While in Paris, they met two charming Frenchmen and spent a day and a half with them. Samantha was smitten with the one named Jean-Luc. He was more than smitten with her, and he wanted her to stay longer in Paris. But other destinations beckoned to the girls and, even after Jean-Luc wrote her seven beautiful love letters upon her return to the states, Samantha did nothing. She tucked the letters away and moved on with life.

Jean-Luc and Samantha in Paris 1989.

Fast forward 20 years. Samantha’s life in her words was “falling apart.” She was jobless, getting divorced, sinking greater into debt and moving back home. She hit bottom but, after reminiscing with her same best friend, dug out those old letters from Jean-Luc. She Googled him. Then emailed him. And guess what? Now she’s happily married to him.

It truly is the stuff that dreams—and Hollywood blockbusters—are made of. But as Samantha tells it in her new memoir, Seven Letters from Paris, it’s also real, both messy and sublime. She unabashedly recounts the passion, fear, thrills, uncertainty, to say nothing of French bureaucracy she endured in order to wind up with Jean-Luc in the South of France.

Learn more about Samantha's story, watch the book trailer and, above all, believe that happily ever after is possible.


  1. Oh my Giddy Heart!!! I have to find this book!
    Thank you! Xxx
    Excited here in AUS...today is a special day for you...

  2. Wow, I will find this book. I just finished reading your Book in preparation for my trip to Paris next week. I will be traveling solo there. I took so many notes on those food places you visited there. I am so excited! I am happy for you too to have found Andrew.

  3. nICE blog

  4. Flora, you should be able to find it in all the usual channels - I'm not sure about international distribution but maybe you can download the e/ibook from Amazon?

    Pamela, let me know how your trip to Paris was! Can't wait to hear where you went and what you ate. xo