Saturday, October 4, 2014

La troisieme

We’re still only two, but our days as a childless couple are numbered. Bébé is due to arrive on Wednesday. Next weekend, we will come home and nothing will be the same. It’s all just incredible to think about.

We’ve been mentally and emotionally preparing. Physically, I am beyond ready. And our apartment has been rearranged, organized and cleaned, and it too is now ready!
I am loving how her room is taking shape. Seeing as we just renovated and moved in less than a year ago, we weren’t looking to totally redo the second bedroom. And seeing how neither of us are interested in creating a pink or purple princess experience, her bedroom is sort of awesome.

Clean and bright, colorful and cute.

But accommodating the grandparents, cousins, uncles and friends we expect to sleep on that fold-out sofa.

As the year progresses, she’ll take over the room more and more. For now, it’s a mix of our stuff and hers. Slowly, we’ll turn everything over to make room for what I’m sure will be a growing stuffed animal and book collection, which has already been started by thoughtful friends.

I especially love that my friend, Connie, got her “baby’s first pastries”!

In fact, so many friends and family members have been generously gifting us. She’s a very lucky girl. So far, I’m loving the balance of old and new. I have the blanket my grandmother knit for me, along with the blanket my mom knit for her, plus Andrew’s baby blanket.

Plus soft stuffed animals, swaddle blankets and sheets. It’s a’comin, my friends. She’s a’comin!


  1. I love it! Very stylish and still usable for guests. Your daughter is due on my Miranda's birthday.. apparently it's a very busy time of year for hospitals!

  2. Congratulations! My son is 17 now and it was just a blink of an eye....
    Being a parent wasn't a top priority for me but now I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It is so much cooler than anyone could imagine. But, if you give a dang about what you are doing, so much harder too. Bon voyage!!!


  3. I am so excited for you both!!!!
    Xxxx :D

  4. Vivre grand!
    Beautiful room, beautiful life, beautiful mama soon to be!
    Love you. Sending our love from San Francisco.

  5. Will be sending positive energy your way on Wednesday:) How exciting:)

  6. You guys are the best. Thanks for lovely comments. Proof of our little Sweet Pea coming soon...

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