Monday, May 26, 2014

My Vegan Mondays

Happy summer!

Coffee with almond milk
Half a granny smith apple
Oats with almond butter
Quinoa with almond butter (An experiment of sorts. Not bad. Not necessarily a winner, but not bad.)

An orange
Chips and Andrew’s stellar gauc at a Memorial Day picnic
Kale, peaches, hemp milk and some other weird combo of stuff in a smoothie, post-facial, at Great Jones Spa

Andrew’s stellar avocado soup *

Usually if I’m traveling or it’s a holiday, if it’s any sort of atypical Monday, I flat-out forget to do Vegan Monday. Today I remembered, and my appetite was unusually light so it was easy. And full of stuff I don’t normally eat on Mondays because, for better or worse, Vegan Monday can get rote: I know what to bring to work for breakfast, I know where to go in the neighborhood for lunch, and by evening, I have my mental plan for what to eat. It was nice to have a holiday and Vegan day all in one.

* But herein lies the rub: As we were eating dinner, I asked Andrew what the ingredients of the soup—which he made for a Fourth of July picnic two years ago and I loved—were. Avocado, cilantro, lime, red chili, red onion… he’s reciting the list and then, about four bites in, oh yeah, Greek yogurt. So here I thought I was doing so well, being so mindful and Vegan Monday was dashed!

Nevertheless, it was a totally satisfying cap-off to a long, leisurely weekend. Andrew and I took a walk along Brooklyn’s rapidly changing waterfront and had brunch with friends in DUMBO. We took the train up to Cold Spring and hiked through the woods. We cooked and baked. Got in lots of reading. Cleaned the apartment. Cuddled with Milo. And I had a trip to the spa. And one of my favorite things about holiday Mondays: the workweek is over, and another weekend here, before you know it.

Have a good week, mes amis!

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  1. I'm actually giving a plant-based diet another whirl. After giving paleo several whirls. It didn't take much to change my course; just a couple blog entries by some veg/vegan folks. And also, the amazing physiques of some vegan ironman athletes and ultramarathoners. I'm so fickle. But I am looking forward to the comparative ease of cooking veggies; my meat skills are somewhat lacking. Though I don't think I can be hardcore vegan because cheese. And also, a touch of greek yogurt in avocado soups sounds amazing. Avocado soup, period, sounds amazing. Don't be so hard on yourself. Baby might have wanted that yogurt. :)