Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer, where art thou going?

August already? How did that happen? How did I start writing this post two days ago and couldn’t even manage to finish that? It’s like I’m on supercharge, yet moving through molasses.

Life. I’ve been working plenty at the office. I even wrote apost for this fine company.

Parker had her nine-month well visit (well, almost a month ago now). The little pipsqueak is in the 70th percentile for weight. She’s over 20 pounds and every bit as delicious. Her hair and teeth are slowly coming in, and she’s crawling and cruising all over the place. In my humble opinion, she’s cuter than ever.

Though I have yet to have a summer lobster roll, nor have I made my annual pilgrimage to DQ, we spent a great weekend in Connecticut with family and trained outside the city to spend a day with dear friends. This past weekend, we journeyed to Denver to visit other friends, which was decadent and fun. P traveled like a champ.

In between it all, Andrew and I are watching Louie. Cruising through magazines. I’m reading (albeit at the slowest pace imaginable) a Rebecca Solnit book, which is so massively interesting and impressive. I’m also trying to carve out time to finish my own book proposal. Maybe it can happen by summer’s end. Oh summer, where art thou going??


  1. How gorgeous to spend time with friends, and little P looks as cute as ever!
    I know what you mean by the year flying!!!! We are off to Paris on Sep 17 - beyond excited!! Xx

  2. It is still up here if you want to come see it before it is gone !
    The gardener is here right now, we would even be able to have a picnic on the lawn.
    I haven't opened the pool though ... but there are cats !! :)

  3. Lol - thank you, Candice! Flora, so jealous of your Paris trip - amuse-toi!!