Monday, June 29, 2015

A good week

Parker rocked her first pair of jeans this weekend. It was occasion to go to the local playground so she could strut her stuff.
Lol. She doesn't have to do much to make me laugh. She's crawling everywhere. Gnawing on bagels. And she's taken to playing peek-a-boo. Such a big girl.
Beyond the world of Parker, in which I reside normally, sadly with blinders to happenings in the rest of the world, it was such an amazing week for our country. I'm so proud of our increasing acceptance and fight for equal rights, moved by the idea of possessing grace and hopeful that minds will continue to open and hate will cease.


  1. I am proud of your country, too.
    Never mind the jeans...I want that funky fleece gilet she's wearing! ;Dx

  2. These jeans!! There are no words for how cute they are (and Parker's not bad either!) XO

  3. Proud of our country too and happy to see Parker playing a skilled game of peek-a-boo..absolutely adorable!

  4. Thank you for indulging me, friends! xo

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