Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, hello

Yes, we’re still here in Brooklyn, living in a little cocoon of new parenthood. Sometimes it’s blissful. It’s raining outside and I’m inside, eating m&m’s and watching Footloose on AMC.

Other times it’s tough, really tough. Parker is screaming, I’m starving, my teeth feel fuzzy, my nipples are on fire, and I wonder what day it is, why I’m doing this, will it ever get easier.

And it always does. The little lessons that emerge along the way: This too shall pass. One day at a time. Be in the moment. Find something positive in what is difficult. Count your blessings. Clichés, all, but true and comforting nonetheless. The love from family and friends, near and far, is astonishing.

And one week slides into another. Parker is now nine weeks old (nine weeks old!!). She’s regained her birth weight and eats like a champ. She’s able to chill out on her own for as long as 20 or 30 minutes. We can tease smiles out of her. And she is absolutely delicious.

Oh, and speaking of delicious, I’ve gotten out to some new spots. Doughnut Plant debuted in Brooklyn pretty much down the street from us. Tres dangereux.

And last weekend I had my first extended break for a hair appointment in Soho. Andrew stayed home and gave Parker bottles and danced to entertain her. I rode the subway, pumped in a bathroom, got a fabulous blow-out and tried, Maman, this killer new French café that has introduced some of the best cookies in the city. I felt part of the human race again.

I’m about midway through my maternity leave. I’m starting to meet other new moms, look into childcare, and fall deeper in love with Parker. It’s bee an interesting exploration of self and identity. After a couple decades of being so focused on a writing career, being home without the ability or ambition to write (to say nothing of exercising, keeping up on news, engaging with the community) is weird. It’s hard. I can feel alienated and adrift, wondering what I’m going to do from here. What I want to do. Sometimes when I tell Andrew that I did nothing all day, he corrects me and points out that I kept a little human being alive. Enough said. I mean, look at her!!

So here we are. Me and my girl. In love with her and my husband. Embracing the nuttiness. Wondering about the future. Another day. Lucky me.


  1. I would risk being just too sugary and sappy and say that There you are, husband , baby , healthy and happy ... there is no reason to think that the future will not continue to be so ... with added adventures and twists but the core of it all will always be there.

  2. Parker is adorable. You are at an interesting place in your life. My daughter was born with gut problems, screamed incessantly and slept for only short periods. I remember being in a permeant state of numbness for a long time. When she was about 4 months old, a girlfriend told me to saviour every stage of my child's development because she would grow up so quickly. From my sleep-deprived, home-bound position, I thought my friend was crazy. Now I am a grandmother.
    It seems like yesterday that I held my own beautiful, crying baby in my arms and I wonder where all time has gone. Cherish every minute with Parker because time vanishes so quickly.
    May the peace and joy of the Festive Season be with you all throughout 2015.

  3. Thank you, mes amis. Although sometimes challenging, this is a wonderful chapter of life and we are fully embracing it. I hope you're having a warm and happy holiday season! xo

  4. Love you. Keep up the good work and the positive affirmations. You are amazing! xoxoxo

  5. She's beautiful, Amy! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Big congrats to you and hope it is a fantastic holiday for you and your family!!

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