Monday, July 28, 2014

My Vegan Monday

Eating is getting a little funny now, in the third trimester. My appetite vacillates between being ready to eat my hand off and not being able to fathom eating, ever again. My insides are just so compressed it gets uncomfortable. And then there’s the occasional heartburn, and the constant consideration of nutrition and pull of indulgence. I’m all over the place.

This past weekend, we had wonderful brick oven pizza with honey and truffle oil. Went to the farmer’s market and bought fresh corn, tomatoes, squash, peaches and a little basil plant, which we’ll hopefully manage to keep alive. Out of that bounty came a summer squash frittata, a peach upside-down cake, and a beautiful tomato-corn salad, found in Molly Wizenberg's Delancey, that my *husband* made. (Still think it’s funny to say that).

We had organized a picnic in the park on Saturday and friends brought Ample Hills ice cream and since we were immediately rained out of the park and wound up back at our apartment, we inherited both pints of ice cream. Dommage. I think I can count on one hand the number of days I have not had ice cream in the past three months. It’s one place I’m definitely giving myself a ‘pregnancy pass,’ figuring if nothing else, the calcium is good for her little bones.

I’m also trying to up the omega 3, iron and protein intake this last trimester. I’m having salmon a couple times a week, started adding walnuts to my yogurt and oatmeal, eating lots of eggs, avocado, fresh fruit, hummus and chickpeas… it all sounds so pious but there are lots of sweets in there, too. As for today…

Coffee with almond milk (I’ve maintained ½ cup of coffee, just a little caffeine, all pregnancy)
Overnight oats with dates, walnuts and banana – sooo delicious

Veggie burrito, no cheese – sounded good at the time but made me feel not so great all day
But good enough to have a little bit of a Mast Brothers chocolate bar
And some almonds

Rounded up the rest of our tomatoes, corn and eggplant from the farmer’s market to make an orzo salad
Ginger Ale - trying to conquer that stomach ache


  1. Love the pictures! What a sweet little belly. Your daughter will be so thrilled to see these photos when she is older...

  2. Your baby bump is so very cute!

  3. Merci! :) Here's to continued good health... and eating!

  4. You look radiant:) You really haven't gained much weight, have you?:)

  5. I wanted to request pregnant-lady pics but figured since I only "know" you through right here (which is the most ridiculously little amount of knowing a person) that would be super-weird and creepy. So I'm just telling you about it, instead. PS, you are a totally adorable pregnant lady. Sounds like you're enjoying the ride. Bon voyage! And thanks for this delightful update.

  6. You are adorable! Thanks for sharing pictures. Big hug.

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