Monday, January 7, 2013

My Vegan Mondays

Game on. I returned from that place called Blissful Ignorance over the weekend when I stepped onto the scale at the gym. Holy crap! I've put on five pounds in the last couple of months. I knew my pants were tight. Now I know I've got to lay off the sweets.

Coffee with soy milk
Fuji apple

Steamed veg and roasted potatoes (I even dumped a portion of the potatoes in advance so I wouldn't eat the whole lot)
And just a few slivers of chocolate bark (this willpower thing... I'm working on it)

Carrots and hummus

Yep, that's it. Intentionally draconian. It comes after a weekend of sidecars, pizza, omlettes, gummies and all manner of bad-for-you things. It's not fun, but I know after a couple days it will get easier.

Any of you reeling from an end-of-the-year eating blitz? How are you combating winter chub?


  1. My time in the states helped me curb my bread-binging and I'm hoping I can sustain it for more than just a couple of weeks back in Paris! I feel so much better. Sweets on the other hand..... lost count of how many of those fun size candies I brought back from the states I ate yesterday between work and bedtime. oops!

  2. Dark Chocolate & Cheese are the two things I just can't say no... Need to working on it;)

  3. I agree, I am dieting off that 5 lbs but I still save calories for dark chocolate.

  4. Your Vegan Monday gave me a little push to make a new year's resolution : Meatless Monday. The end result? Meatless lunch Tuesday, too :)

    I didn't do too badly with the winter chub (yet)since I was a bridesmaid in a NYE weekend wedding...had to fit into that dress! February is my main concern. Too cold and too snowy to get out and walk much!

  5. I'm joining Weight Watchers Friday (actually re-joining). There were too many good things to eat over the holidays, still too many good things. Need some accountability!

  6. Only 5 pounds in a few months? That isn't too bad.

  7. Yep, five pounds - easy come, easy go (I hope). Thank god for kale. And spinning!