Sunday, May 6, 2012

Louis & Marc

In 1854 a country boy named Louis Vuitton launched an eponymous trunk company in Paris.

In 1997, Marc Jacobs, a skinny kid from downtown New York was tapped creative director of the famed House.

The current “Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs” exhibition at Musée Arts Décoratifs is a bright, brilliant showcase of these two men and the couture and culture they’ve created for the House of Vuitton.

The first floor of the exhibition is devoted to Vuitton, the origin of the company, and the nineteenth century.

Move upstairs to second floor for Marc Jacobs and all his modern glory.

It's bold, modern, fun and riveting. Along with Helmut Newton at the Grand Palais, it's a seasonal must-see.


  1. It's a great exhibition, isn't it? Well done on snapping those photos!

  2. They would have to force me to leave at the end of the day .. how wonderful . Besos... from the bottom of the world~

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures, the exhibition looks amazing, I would love to be there to see it!

  4. Ordered for pageant girl who is a teenager. Perfect fit and she looked beautiful! The color is great and the best part is the matching wrap and attached petticoat to make it flair.