Wednesday, June 30, 2010

French word of the day: cacahuete

Def: peanut

I knew Skippy and JIF were available at supermarkets like Ed and Shop!. And I told myself that, because I had other delicious spreads—Nutella and Speculoos for sweet, hummus and French butter for savory—that I could wait until I returned home to buy peanut butter. But then I saw the “American Style” jar at my bio co-op and caved. Miam miam, tartines with peanut butter!

How you actually pronounce “cacahuete” is a whole other subject…


  1. I'm trying to remember how to pronounce this from when I learned French. But, I can't remember! This peanut butter looks delicious!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! :)

  2. I love that it's 'American Style' in Paris. Sounds like a pretty fair stand-in for old favorites?

  3. They sell Manteca de Mani here. Planters and not sure if there is Skippy anymore.. it comes and goes. I try to buy a few jars when I see them because you never know (here) if they will ever come back again.

    Lately though, I have been quite content with my Nutella.
    Yesterdays lunch ..
    sliced banana with Nutella ... yummmmmmm.

  4. Bravo, Candice! My PB tartine was followed by a dessert of tartine with Speculoos - deelish, but I would have rather have indulged in banana and Nutella. Sigh...

    And Poppie & Laura, merci for the drive-by! :)

  5. oooooh, you're right up my alley - my downfall here. and i am actually allergic to peanuts. i eat them, them feel terrible afterwards.

  6. Todays lunch was ....
    Crepe with gruyere and brie and onions and Sidre ( sweet bubbly alcoholic cider).. No peanut butter in sight ~
    They dog had his own water dish .. fairly French for Buenos Aires :)

  7. I just ran out of my peanut butter that I brought over from Canada...I just can't stand to spend 5 Euros on a little jar of Skippy at my Franprix! I may cave soon though...maybe it is worth the 5 Euros for a little taste of home.

  8. J'adore la beurre de cacachuete! :D

  9. Rapunzel has really nice foods. I like their products a lot.

    I am not supposed to eat peanuts, but I cheat a lot with them because they are so tasty and full of protein for a quick pick-me-up. When I first got here, I could not bear to spend the money on the 6-9 euro jars (and teeny tiny ones, too!), so friends and family brought Sam's Club-sized jars of Skippy to me. Once those were used up (and a lot of it on flourless peanut butter cookies, I might add - yum), I switched to almond butter, the brown kind (the white stuff uses blanched, raw almonds and is not as good as the toasted). Love it. Better than peanut butter, IMHO, although peanut butter will always have a fond place in my heart.

    Now that I see this jar and know that Rapunzel makes it, I may have to give beurre de cacachuete a go once again. It looks gooooood. :)