Monday, December 3, 2012

Bonjour, Paris

I am hurting, my friends. Hurting because I didn’t sleep on my red-eye last night and have now been up for 28 straight hours. Hurting because, propelled by visions of my Poulet Caesar sandwich at Cojean, I hiked across town for it and—naturallement—they didn’t have it. Even though I had phoned and they told me they had it. So I continued to hike around the city for the next six hours. Hurting because, as I hiked, I also shopped, adding a few things here and there—t-shirts from AmericanVintage, a book and French ELLE from WH Smith, bonbons from Michel Chaudun—until my normally heavy bag was just about back-breaking. Hurting because I am 40 and stubborn and don’t know when to say “when” and my body is hating me. Just hating me. 

But I am also happy.

It’s always such a thrill to be back in Paris. To feel its familiar ways and go to my favorite places and absorb every sight, smell and laughable moment. This place affects me like nowhere else.

I am staying in my friend Ann Mah’s amazing apartment in the 7eme. It’s not far from where I studied as a college junior, so I know and enjoy the neighborhood. But in my two years living in Paris and five separate apartment swaps, I’ve never lived over here so it’s cool to experience a new slice of the city.

 I walked along the grey quais today, noticing buildings and details that I never pay much attention to.

Amazing residences overlooking the Seine.

 Look at that facade!
All the details that have so much to say.

After walking around Saint Germain, I actually circled back around to the d’Orsay to go in, but it was closed. Just my luck.
But I went inside Deyrolle for the first time.
Although pictures are interdit, I snapped a few—some before I was told we’re not supposed to, and some because the place was so damn cool I couldn’t resist.

I circled the Grande Roue in Place de la Concorde, as festive and frenetic as ever.

Wouldn’t it be great to stay at the Hotel de Crillon, and this was your view leaving?
The Christmas lights are everywhere—one of the reasons I came back this time of the year. I love, love, love it…

Not to mention, I get to come home to this every night this week:
And for dinner tonight… before—hopefully—I drift for hours and hours, just some of France’s necessities to enjoy.
God, I love Paris.


  1. i am going to paris for the second time next november, and i am renting an apartment in the 7eme. your photos are so beautiful and already have me excited to go! :) i also read your book on my kindle and i will of course bring your recommendations with me - i am a baker/pastry lover and i cannot wait to try out your suggestions!

  2. What a day! I am Kate Winslet to your Cameron Diaz, my friend (or vice versa). Today: Buvette, shopping along Fifth Avenue, Eataly, cocktails at Angel Share, dinner in Alphabet City. It is so great to be back in New York! Thanks for swapping with me. Milo says hi! :)

  3. What a lovely day!! Reading about it makes me so excited to return home (HOME!!) this December. YAY! :)



  4. God, I love Paris too - love seeing the pics and reading about it from someone who thinks exactly the same way I do. It feels like home to me as well. Enjoy XO

  5. Oh that tree! GORGEOUS! Where is it? I'd love to see it when I go in a few weeks!

    I know what you mean about those façades. I've always loved them!

    You went on your own this time around? When I was in Paris last Christmas, I stayed in the 7th the first night (I ended up having to go a day early and my regular hotel was fully booked) and it was also a new experience for me, but I quite enjoyed it:)

  6. I know how you feel. I will again see my beloved Paris in March. I think you will soon move back there.

  7. God, I am so jealous! Paris at Christmastime is a dream of mine.

    Some day...

  8. That's exactly how I felt the last time I was in Paris! It was grey, rainy (but that never bothers me, it's a part of its charme) and I wanted to devour and see every little detail, so I could remember it later, when I won't be in Paris and while daydreaming, but of course my hands stuffed with bags, filled with magazines, books, boxes of sweets and a special bottle of perfume or two.
    Amy, enjoy your time.

  9. Oh my God... I want to go to Paris too... :)

  10. Merci, mes amis! I'm glad you share the crazy love... it was another crummy weather day, yet another blissful Paris day!

  11. An individual proceeded your own now? While i is at Paris final Christmas time, We slept in the In 7th place the first night (I ended upward having to go per day first and also my personal standard lodge has been fully arranged) also it seemed to be a fresh expertise personally, however i quite appreciated the idea:)
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