Sunday, January 30, 2011

3 weeks, 4 degrees, 5 snowstorms

It’s been three weeks since I left Paris and arrived home in New York. Three weeks with a few jabs of nostalgia and sadness (for Paris), a few waves of giddy joy (for New York), but mostly three weeks of being in a fog.

I’ve been slogging through work (wasted no time, back at Ogilvy), scrubbing and organizing my apartment (lots of dirt and accumulation to get through), and trying to visit friends whenever possible, though sometimes that’s been thwarted by work and the weather because, oh yes, if it’s not snowing or sleeting, it’s a frigid four degrees. So as much as I’ve been yearning to reconnect with the city, it’s been too crummy outside and, besides, for two of the three weeks I’ve been home, I’ve been sick. Last week, I was on codeine (weeeeeeee!), now it’s antibiotics.

In other words, it hasn’t been the most charged or graceful landing back in New York. I’ve had a tough time feeling excited and inspired. So not much writing or posting going on. Which makes me cranky.

All those times over the past couple of years when I’d return home, I had mini culture shocks: The noise, the crowds, the obesity… But this time, other than being hyper-aware of the aggressiveness of people here, it’s not the city that’s bumming it out, it’s me.

But luckily, I think that’s changing.

My apartment is finally coming together. If I can just find homes for two more piles of stuff, I’ll be done.

I’m confident the antibiotics will kick in and soon I can get back to having enough energy to go to yoga (and dancing!).

I’m (looky here) starting to blog again. Today, I’ll even get to my book.

And in the meantime, I’m enjoying a few only-in-New York moments and pleasures. I had some of the best sushi of my life last week with Ben and Merrill. I’ve made nearly daily visits to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (not as lovely as rue Montorgueil, but still, a whole other degree of delicious fascination). I’m getting my fix of Pat Kiernan on NY1. Enjoying soft towels and t-shirts, tumble-dried in the dryer instead of being hung dry and stiff in my treehouse.

I’m getting back into movies ($13 a ticket!) and saw the fabulously dramatic Drums at a teeny, sweaty hole near my apartment. Finally catching up, one-on-one, with my dear friends. I’ve even been to a few hot spots: The Lion, The Smile, Essex & Beauty

Oui, I can feel it… I’m getting my NYC feet back again.


  1. Oh I hope you feel better fast and that your NYC feet are there soon too.
    You mention a couple of things I have wondered/worried about .. you know, just in case we make that same move... obesity and aggressive. I am living in a big loud city now but the inhabitants are not obese and while the taxi drivers and bus drivers are aggressive, the people are polite and nice. Very nice and kind.
    Maybe if we move back, we should go straight upstate to the woods ? :)
    Feel better soon, take your meds and drink lots of liquids.. listen to "mom". :)

  2. Paris is a place you wish to visit many times and still want to come back after. It is not the weather.;)

  3. Sometimes I think the weather gives us what we need, rather than we want. As in, snow as a message to go slow, stay inside, hibernate a little bit. (I know this intimately, with another winter storm blasting Minnesota...)

    Transitions back home, even after just a vacation, are never easy. Allow yourself that little hibernation and get well soon!

    Looking forward to more postings about your book.

  4. Dearest Amy: I've decided that regardless of the city you're in, I'm very happy to read of your musings and adventures. It's a tribute to your writing but also to you. I do miss your descriptions of Paris but am happy to hear about NYC. I live in the sunny climes (where the devil spends his summers) of our country and your descriptions of your locale are very engaging/fun to read. THANK YOU for sharing.
    Kind regards, Sarah

  5. Merci, "mom" - good advice. I don't think the obesity will ever be a problem for you and your lifestyle. Nor the aggressiveness; you always have the most forgiving attitude. :) Give New York another shot!

    You're right, Hotel - I will always, always, always want to go back to Paris (I was scouting out airfare today!)

    Amy, I LOVE your perspective. Thank you for giving me that nudge to indulge my hibernating tendencies. I guess I feel guilty for not seeing everyone and doing everything immediately. But you're right... r&r, peace and solitude are probably what I need more than codeine and antibiotics!

    Sarah, thank you for the wonderful compliments, which also make me feel 10x better!


  6. To be back home is not easy, you will adapt soon to your previous routine.
    Take care!

  7. Oh boy, sounds like just the transition you needed to avoid any significant amount of downtime to wallow in Paris tears. Ok, so maybe you could've done without the antibiotics but it's a good thing you've got lots on your plate to keep you occupied!

    So jealous you have Whole Foods. So jealous.

  8. You don't have to leave Pain Chocolat behind...there are lots of Pain Quotidiens in New York :-)

  9. Remember our tea at Carette, when you weren't so happy to be in Paris?!

    New York, New York it's a won...

  10. Oh maaaaan. You had me at "Trader Joe's" and "Whole Foods."


    Just popping in since I am hooked up once again, YAY!, and I wanted to see how things have been going.

    And you know what? I think that you are going to become my equivalent of all those Stateside folks that read Paris blogs with some envy. I am lapping up all you have to write about New York and *loving* it! It's so... exotic (lol) for me!

    Trader Joe's. Le Sigh

    Hope everything is going even better now that you are, hopefully, healthy once again. :)


  11. And OH LORD. I re-read and just noted about towels in the DRYER. OMG. I'm *dying* here! To feel a towel dried in a dryer once again! *sighsighsigh*

    I am glad there are some wonderful things there, easing your transition. :)

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