Saturday, April 9, 2011

Only in Paris

Endless picnics in le Jardin du Luxembourg

Cool street art

Dessert humor

Coq au vin in a can


  1. oh, this makes me miss my lunch breaks in the jardin du luxembourg!

  2. We always had tea or a small meal of an omelet etc in the little restaurant in the Jardin de Luxembourg ... I loved it there, in the fall, chilly and damp outside, warm and full of the scent of coffee and baked treats inside.

  3. That's why I love it here . . . endless fun and weird stuff! I love the canned wild boar I once saw at Fauchon.

  4. Coq a vin in a can. Now I don't feel so bad about eating a salad out of a bag for dinner tonight...

  5. C'est vrai. Every culture has it's trash and panache, I guess!