Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ladies who blog

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a growing phenomenon here in Paris.

The female expat blogger.

I Heart Paris, Prete Moi Paris, Posted in Paris...

So much love for Paris!

Even those who live in other fabulous cities—Carol, Candice, Andi—can’t help but blog about Paris.

Some bloggers are cheeky. Irreverent. Self-deprecating & modest. Just plain hip.

Some came for Love.

Some love the cocktails. The sweets. Just eating in general.

There’s the lovely Alien Parisienne, the hilarious American Mom in Paris and… Just Another American in Paris.

Some help us discover Paris, know Paris better, live in Paris—if only for a few weeks.

Every month that I'm here, I'm more and more aware of this growing phenomenon. Sometimes it makes me self-conscious. That I'm just another Anglochick blogging in Paris, gushing about its views and pastries and gardens and fashion and exhibitions and quirky customs and—gasp!—don't you just love Paris?! (I do.)

But then I've been having the chance to meet more of these women—last night, grace à the efforts of Andi & Erica (merci, mademoiselles!)—and it makes me feel happy and a little bit proud and quite connected. Which is no small feat in Paris.


  1. Argh, I miss France so much! I might eventually drag my Frenchman back there... Enjoying your blog very much, bonne continuation!

  2. You remind me that I must blog about Buenos Aires more :)

    Expat bloggers do a wonderful service for people who are out there, wherever they live, considering what it might be like to live Somewhere Else.
    And they read everything they can and get ideas.
    And why should those ideas not be from the best source ? those who are actually doing it at the moment ..

    There is nothing so warm and loving as a group of women .. all that caring and helping and support .. makes me proud.
    Thank you for mentioning me :)

  3. Amy, while all the other bloggers in Paris do a good job, you make it personal and achingly beautiful in reminding us through your observations, how similar we women all really are.

  4. Thanks for the shout out...can I join next time around?

  5. It was an awesome get together and hopefully not the last! Lovely way to introduce us all!

  6. What a wonderful expat gathering! I too feel 'happy and a little bit proud and quite connected' as part of this little blogging world. Girls united in the love for a city. Paris, je t'adore!

  7. Wish I'd know about it...
    But then I'm not an expat blogger...
    Just a wannabe an expat blogger who happens to be in Paris

  8. My penis always gets me excluded from things...

  9. Jen, Candice & Nina - thanks so much for the very kind words. Really, it is what keeps me going.

    Though it is also nice now to be so knowingly surrounded by this great community. Anne, Carol, LGZ, we will definitely invite you to the next! Perhaps Friday the 29th? Lindsey, Kasia, what do you say?

  10. So many blogs! I actually spent two months working in Paris a couple of years ago. I had an amazing time wandering around the streets and the jardins and the shops.... but I didn't know anyone. I wish now that I'd been a bit savvier and introduced myself to some of you lovely bloggers!

  11. I am SO sad I missed this gathering. I totally would have been there if not for travel plans! I am also thrilled to be known as the "self-deprecating and modest" blogger. *Blush* Thank you :)

    Amy, what are we going to do without you, though? Are you *really* leaving Paris at the end of year? Well, we'll have to plan many more female expat blog events before then!

  12. I adore all these blogs... they all capture a lovely part of Paris... great list :) Paris in Pink

  13. Amy, it was really special to see you again -- your spirit is so genuine and shining! Your presence really is wonderful. :)So it was great not only to see you, but also to meet some of the others there face to face for the first time. I also met new people, too, and had a *fantastic* time (as well as too much to drink with the "other Amy" -- the top off was, after eating there, a digestif that did us both in, but it was good FUN! :D).

    Thank you to everyone who made it such a cool meet-up, especially Erica and Andi. Gros bisous to the both of them!

    (P.S. Could I have a higher res copy of this photo, just for myself? Would you be willing to email it to me?)

  14. You're so right, les américaines à paris are quite a spectacular group & I'm so very happy to be counted among these awesome women. It was fabulous meeting these amazing bloggeuses in person -- let's do it again soon!!!
    Sha -

  15. Hi there Amy, thanks for this great post! I am so glad to be a part of all of this!! Hope to see you soon my dear. Italy beckons... xo
    Erica &

  16. Really sorry I was out of town for this one - but looking forward to more to come with this awesome group of bloggers. I couldn't agree more - it's really been great getting to know more of my fellow bloggers who explore and love the city! (and also just happen to be really cool chicks!)

  17. i wish i was still blogging from paris (boooo)! what an amazing group of ladies!

  18. Love is wonderful and I'm so glad you shared some with us in the form of your lovely photography!

  19. Great seeing you all last week - looking forward to the next time!! Thanks for organizing Erica and Andi!