Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pastries in Paris

Oh, twist my arm.

From the French classics... imported flavors.

If their beauty doesn't make you want to gobble them up...

...the presentation will.

As I like to say, pourquoi pas?


  1. Heavens!
    I can post all the Paris gateaux in the world and not feel a thing. But one look at your luscious displays and I'm rushing to the fridge to search for what lurks within.
    Fortunately zero or I'd be a complete goner.

  2. I would buy one of everything. For this reason I stay away from bakeries. The photos are great though and they satisfy (somewhat) my cravings.

  3. I can't wait to pick and choose from the gorgeous assortment. For now it's eye candy, until I get there...

  4. gorgeous photos - not a huge sweet person (I would rather have cheese and have been known to stand outside just sniffing the cheeses!) but a good tarte tatin really cheers me up

  5. Thanks for posting these gorgeous pictures, what a feast for the eyes! And thank goodness, it's not all about macarons...

  6. Macarons, pastries and cream puffs oh my!
    Mouthwatering dahling!